With CNC Machined Parts Depot (CMPD) you have at your disposal hundreds of years of knowledge combined, from men who have been making and designing parts most of their lives. Therefore, we know “the tricks of the trade” to make great, high-quality parts. We know just what to do to make the perfect part in the least amount of time. Our workmanship and competitive prices ensures the satisfaction our customers. So everyone is happy at the end of the day.  At CMPD there are a large amount of CNCs ranging from 52 x102 milling centers to bar feed CNC lathes, Multi-Axis Mill Turn, water-jet, and laser cutting machine centers. CMPD has the machine to make your parts faster and better with shorter lead times which will increase your productivity and your bottom line.

Save time and money tomorrow and beyond. We are here for you and look forward to the opportunity to work with you to accomplish your production goals.

Quality parts at a competitive prices, delivered on-time.

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Richard “Rick” Hafner has over 40 years  of experience building whatever could and  is always looking to the future. He has been in the business of building and making things almost his entire life; from building and repairing engines at 15 to building houses by 17 to Tool and Die Machinist by 19. He had the honor of working with the last of whom he considers the “Jedi Knights” of the machining trade. The men who built parts, machines, tool and die with no computer or CNC just a Bridgeport, a Lathe, and a calculator. These men built some amazing machines and parts that still work today. There is no one left that could reproduce what they made by hand so long ago even with machinery of today. So, that being said, he has seen the growth of this industry from nothing to a digital age where we don’t even have to measure a piece just scan it and download it and off we go. Rick has great insight in knowing the ins and outs of how things really work. He can make something work hands on as well as computer generated. He is always looking for a better way to build or make a part or machine by thinking in and out of the box at the same time. His ultimate goal is to help his customers meet their goals.